Letters to the Editor: Ayers, arrogance

Bill Ayers is a monster

I recently heard that unrepentant terrorist William Ayers will be speaking at Millersville University.  I learned the facts about this disturbing figure and relation to Millersville University, on line.

My anger grew as I read the justifications that Millersville University offered to allow Bill Ayers on your grounds.

I am a staunch defender of free speech and your right to invite him to your campus.  However, I would have expected opposition from a reputable leader such as you on the simple grounds that he was a member (co-founder) of the Weather Underground, a terrorist organization.

All the horrible things he has done and said; you know the truth about William Ayers.

You can spin it any way you want.  I could care less who is paying for security and what reasons you chose to disingenuously justify your shortsighted decision. Would you invite Osama bin Laden to speak at Millersville?  He and Ayers have something in common.  The only difference is that when Bin Laden carried out terrorist attacks on innocent civilians, he succeeded in killing them.

My hope is that reasoning will eventually overtake political idealism and the invitation to Ayers will be rescinded.

You, the faculty and others involved in this to-be speech on should be embarrassed that you have put aside honesty and integrity to extend a welcoming hand to a man who “wished he had done more” when acknowledging his prior acts of terrorism.

You have made your bed and now you need to sleep in it.  It is shameful that my tax dollars are supporting a university that shares that bed with William Ayers.

Neil E. Weissman
Lancaster County Resident

Arrogance to blame MU

On the University’s Web site, I read President McNairy’s address responding to the public outcry over Bill Ayers’ upcoming lecture to the student body.

McNairy’s letter is insulting in its arrogance. She even hid behind the tired “marketplace of ideas” defense. It is immaterial that Ayers will speak about education; it is a matter of the character and the fitness of the one delivering the speech.

Just because a university in Chicago is making a poor decision does not mean Millersville should too.

When McNairy ratified paying Bill Ayers’ to speak to the student body, it is my opinion that two questions beg: is McNairy afraid to make a good ole fashioned judgment call on what is right and what is wrong; or, do McNairy and her cronies in the administration and faculty actually endorse and support the further dissemination of Ayers message.

McNairy is wrong. If she is not ashamed of herself, then she should be. Interested readers can search Google™ for Ayers’ very public message in a New York Times Sept. 11, 2001 article, among others. I hope that the students of Millersville University send their own message back to President McNairy and do not attend the Ayers speaking event.

Rusty L. Shackleford,
Lackawanna County, PA