In this years pre season polls the Marauders were picked to tie for third with the Warriors. Last Wednesday, East Stroudsburg had the upper hand beating MU 16-15 in the final two minutes of play.

“I knew it would be a highly competitive game. We had played a fairly solid game and with over three minutes remaining in the game had a two-goal lead. During those final three plus minutes we needed to make better decisions on the field in our game management and control the ball,” said Head Coach Barb Waltman.

Those three minutes and 29 seconds were crucial for a Marauder victory. It was in that time frame that ESU made a strong come back and closed in on Millersville’s lead. The intensity that Marauders played with through out the game began to fade.

“At one point you could actually see the heads hanging and sticks dragging as we walked back after ESU scored. It is a shame-we played very well until the very end,” said senior attack Rebecca Barker.

The choices they made on the field provided ESU with the opportunity to take advantage of ball possession opportunities resulting in their victory.

“I was not surprised by anything in that game. I expected it to be a highly contested game,” Waltman said.

Senior Defender Laura DeLuca takes off down the field after stealing the ball away from Kutztown. Photo by: Christian Shuts.
Senior Defender Laura DeLuca takes off down the field after stealing the ball away from Kutztown. Photo by: Christian Shuts.

The team did not make the same mistake twice when they faced Kutztown Monday afternoon. After falling 1-2 on the season they made it a priority to even their record with a victory over Kutztown. From start to finish the Marauders controlled the tempo of the game. With the final score ending 13-3, the Marauders out shot the Golden Bears 35-19 and goalie Courtney Haggerty made eight saves in the goal cage.

“Kutztown is a new program in our conference so they do not have the depth of experienced players that we meet in our other conference games. However you can never take them lightly. We need to go out and play hard every game,” Waltman said. “I expected the team to control the tempo of this game and to improve their overall game plan execution.

As their season races forward the marauders are focusing on taking each practice and game as they come and improving how they execute plays on the field as well as keeping their remaining players healthy as some players have.

“As I stated earlier we just need to take one game at a time and continue to execute the basics improving our level of execution with each practice and game,” Waltman said.

Today, the women’s lacrosse team faces West Chester, last year’s national champions, at 4 p.m. at Chryst field.

“We feel we can be competitive with them if we stay intense, take care of the ball and play our game,” Barker said.