I am about to discuss what is often an ugly topic for some people: the E-word. But please bear with me, as I can kind of understand why some people would have a problem with evolution, especially if they do not understand what it is.

I found from a few sources that approximately only 40 percent of Americans believe in evolution. And let me note that when I say “believe”, it is for lack of a better fitting, better-sounding word.

Belief implies faith, with little factual basis, which is fine when it comes to theology.
But of course, evolution originates from hard evidence, the opposite of faith.

Faith is basically believing something even if you cannot see it. Keep this in mind if I use the word “belief” again with evolution.

I am not going to go into great detail about why I believe in evolution. There are books, Web sites and classes that can do that.

I am writing to encourage anyone, especially Creationists, who are quick to attack the idea of evolution, to just find out about it first.

I am tired of hearing people say, “So wait… you think that a fish turned into a frog, which turned into a rat, which turned into a monkey which turned into a human?” Evolution is a ridiculously slow process which often takes millions of years to manifest itself, although it can also occur in short periods such as a virus becoming immune to a vaccination.

I understand that it can be hard to imagine such a long expanse of time. It is for me, too.
And I understand that science in general can be very tough to understand.

But it seems unwise to say something does not exist if you have almost no idea as to how it works.

I will be honest: I don’t understand calculus or even know really WHAT it is but you won’t hear me say that calculus does not exist and is made up just to confuse and annoy people.

My philosophy for anything unknown is always find out about it before you dismiss it!
That is all I am saying. There are books out there that try to explain evolution clearly, with titles such as Evolution for Everyone. You might even find it interesting.