Faith is a compass

Once a child understands truth, he or she knows right from wrong. Truth encompasses the knowledge of good and evil, and one can apply it to daily life.

The truth in the matter bears good fruits or reveals the character of the person which is naturally good due to truth. Its character shows understanding of evil due to insight from truth.

For example, when a child hears or sees a friend or acquaintance lying, he or she can detect it due to insight. Insight is the intuitive calling of truth, thus, when a lie or deception enters into the picture or situation, that child can detect a false image or character of the human being.

A deception is an image of a perceived truth. If someone lies to you or wants you to do something that is appealing, (truth is good and appealing), but if the conclusion of the activity is unsure or unclear, then it is a deception.

Truth has unseen events, but its end is definite. One can figure out the unclarity in the situation at hand, then clarify the conclusion which reveals the fruits of the situation. A deception is when the situation is perfectly clear, but the conclusion is not clear.

That is why it is a deception, because the events do not line up with the conclusion.

We have understandable events in deception, and the events are easy; however, the conclusion is disillusioned because of the clarity of the events that lead to the conclusion.
Faith is the tool that the child uses to seek out the unclear events. He or she knows the conclusion, but faith fills in the gaps that the child is unsure of.

Faith is the compass in life because the child does not know clearly the events, and how to perfectly maneuver in the events, but faith guides the child to the ultimate conclusion which the child already is clear of understanding.

I have taken many leaps of faith in difficult situations because I know the conclusion if I take those steps in the right direction. I may not understand the interior of the situation fully, but faith exemplifies the additive approach to walking that path which is truly good due to the conclusion.

If you are ever in a situation where you know the conclusion is perfectly clear, do what your mind and spirit is telling you. You may not fully comprehend in the matter, and it may seem uneasy, but if you know the conclusion then you are taking the right path.

The truth does not want to hurt you. It wants you to be successful and will be completely honest with the conclusion or results. The deceit wants to make the job easy for you so it can easily seduce you to its grip of wickedness.

If you cannot understand the conclusion and a friend or family member or religion refuses to help you understand the conclusion, leave it. Deceit is only a foot step away, ready to trounce.