Is Jay Cutler a good fit for Chicago?

It is official, the Denver Broncos have made the biggest mistake of the NFL offseason having traded quarterback Jay Cutler to the Chicago Bears for this year’s 18th overall pick in the draft, and a third round pick, and the Bear’s first round pick in the 2010 draft. Say what you want about Cutler, he is whiney, he makes too many “mistakes,” and he has not had a winning season yet. But it does not change the fact that the Broncos just traded a top five quarterback, yes I went there, to a team ready to win now.

For all of those people who say Cutler is a whiney quarterback, it is very hard for me to disagree with that statement. But let’s look at the whole situation from Cutler’s point of view, he was the quarterback on the number two ranked offense in the NFL, mind you, without a serious running back to carry the load. And he was also promised that there would be no change to the offensive coaching staff after the firing of Mike Shanahan, which was not the case almost immediately after Josh McDaniels was handed the position of head coach. As far as I am concerned, Cutler deserved to be upset; he was lied to constantly by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen and McDaniels.

The people who say that Cutler makes too many mistakes do not understand football and Cutler’s situation in Denver. I cannot think of too many quarterbacks who were in a similar situation as Cutler, he had the worst defense in the NFL and a poor run game, yet he still put up big points. Cutler may have made, what people call, bad decisions because he was forced into those situations where he had to take risks.

Cutler is a great quarterback because he take risks, can make NFL throws and does it game in and game out. We hear about his mistakes, but when he takes risks and makes something positive out of it, we call it a great play. Cutler’s mentality is similar to that of the beloved Brett Favre and he has the arm and the skills to back it up.

Now that Cutler is on a team with a solid defense and a couple of running backs who can possibly take pressure off of him, he has a great chance of winning now. The only downside for him now is the fact that he does not have a solid wide receiver to throw to. But as we all know, a great quarterback can make an average wide receiver look good. I predict from what I have seen this offseason, the Bears will have a better season than the Broncos. Like it was mentioned before, the Bears are ready to win now; Cutler makes the Bears that much better. The Bears are a potential Super Bowl team again with Cutler under center.