Nicholas Cage is at it again with another apocalyptic movie.

The plot of Knowing revolves around a series of numbers that appear on a piece of paper dug up from a time capsule.

John Koestler, played by Cage, is a single father who lost his wife from a tragic accident.

A professor at MIT, Koestler initially disregards the series of numbers as simply random, until he takes a closer look.

The film packs as many genres as possible into this action flick, including Sci-Fi, Adventure, Mystery and Thriller.

The action sequences were a bit too long for my taste, and some of the more graphic scenes seemed to last just seconds too long than seem necessary.

As the movie progresses the plot begins to become more and more unbelievable, but it is a work of science fiction, and definitely pushes the boundaries of our imagination.

I do not want to give away too much of this film because I believe that the less you know going in, the more you will enjoy it.

I had only seen the trailer and read a synopsis before seeing it and thoroughly enjoyed the far-fetched tale.

The ending is a bit strange and will leave some readers scratching their heads, but as a work of fiction, this movie excels.

If you are thinking of waiting for the movie to come out on DVD,

I highly suggest you see this work in theaters. The special effects and action sequences are worth the price of a movie ticket.

My rating: B+