Four year reflection

So the time has come and it feels like high school graduation just occurred. I?remember being excited to move on to the next chapter of my life and here I am finishing it up. I?am excited to move on to the next chapter but nervous about what awaits me. Life after college leaves so many more uncertainties.

From the beginning I?have indulged myself in many things at Millersville. I sometimes wished I?could have done and experienced more during my time here. However, it was common for me to be spread too thin. I’ll even admit a lot of the time I put extracurricular tasks in front of classroom assignments.

By my junior year I?was thinking about what else I could experience before I?graduated. I?was always a fan of The Snapper so I?talked to Augusta about writing. She had another thing in mind… Opinion Editor. I?decided to take the position and I?have learned so much about layout design and the program Quark. The things I learned in all my extracurricular activities have been really invaluable.

Millersville allowed me to do all the things I?wanted to do that I?may not have had the opportunity to do elsewhere. I even had the opportunity to continue playing competitive volleyball while being apart of a great broadcasting program. And that is why Millersville was my first college choice.

International Education Week

I?want to thank my mentors and professors who have helped and encouraged me. I have learned a lot. I also have met some really great friends who have made my time here memorable.

I’m not going to say I can’t wait to graduate because I?have heard from alumni that they miss their college years. I?don’t want time to go slow or fast but I?can’t control that because right now every day seems to fly by.

The one thing I wish for Millersville in the future is stronger school pride. Its everyone’s choice to come here so support your college. When you graduate from here you will be associated with Millersville for the rest of your life so start now and you will look back and remember.

Allison is graduating with a degree in Speech Communication with an option in broadcasting.