Lack of music on MTV

While sitting at dinner last Thursday night, my friends and I were reminiscing about the good old days of TV shows like Hey Arnold, Ren and Stimpy, and Pete and Pete.

Then we got on the topic of MTV and how, at least back then, the channel used to play actual music videos.

I mean, it would make sense since the name of the station stands for Music Television. However, looking at MTV today, one would hardly think it was meant to play music from hot new artists around the world.

The MTV of today seems to focus more on the spoiled twenty-somethings living in California or New York.

Not only does The Hills get more and more annoying every season, it has absolutely nothing to do with music!

Even The Real World, which was not a bad show when it first started, has completely deviated from what MTV originally started showing.

I know The Real World did not have anything to do with music, but at least the show had substance and reality to its episodes.

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Today’s version of The Real World basically shows a bunch of cocky guys and dramatic girls getting drunk and fighting while living a spoiled lifestyle.

That is not the real world, because if all you did was get drunk and fight people in real life, you would be in jail, not on TV.

Shows like The Real World annoy me now, but when the show first started the participants actually had to get jobs and complete activities together.

The shift from reality to spoiled TV has driven me to question just how dumbed-down TV has gotten over the years.

People would rather watch spoiled little girls complain about their Mercedes being the wrong color in My Super Sweet 16 or watch someone claim their life is so difficult, even though they live in the lap of luxury in Beverly Hills The Hills, instead of music videos.

Since when did watching spoiled rich kids become entertaining?

Weren’t those the kids in high school everyone disliked because they were so arrogant and needy, even though they lead fairly easy lives?

If MTV is going to keep showing spoiled twenty-year-olds, bratty teens, and drunken idiots fighting each other, they should change their name.

Music Television is a rather misleading name for a station that shows; well, little to no music videos at all.

  • pop

    You do realize MTV stopped playing music videos in 1999, right? I mean I guess you were still a toddler so maybe you didn’t get the memo. This article would’ve been appropriate a decade ago, can’t you think of anything more interesting to write about Tyler?

  • It’s Britney

    Why don’t you stop criticizing everyone else you are making yourself look lame

  • jcunroe

    I agree, Tyler. Even if this did happen a while ago, it’s gotten even worse today. The Hills and The City are just lame spin-offs of Laguna Beach which was the last good reality show played on MTV. As for the music videos, MTV has been playing new and old school music videos in the morning as of late. I understand everyone’s point of view, saying that there should be more music videos and less reality, but as long as it’s getting ratings, things are staying the way they are.

  • Thomas

    Laguna Beach was not a good show. Nothing on MTV is good. It is all lame bullshit. People ought to stop obsessing over these ‘reality’ shows and the ‘traumatizing’ experience LC had last night with her boo. Folks have plenty of other things that they should actually be worried and talked about. Wars across the globe, environmental crises, human rights violations, failing educational institutions, poor economies, let’s be concerned and talk about that.

  • Slithe

    I remember in the early 2000s when MTV still played music videos, but nowadays it’s gotten even worse with the reality televeision and all. They might as well call it RTV instead. @_@