Millersville University Theater is kicking off the semester with a favorite from the end of the previous one. Incoming freshman and upperclassmen alike will enjoy this thought-provoking tale. “Booby Trap”, which was featured at the end of last semester, will be showing again Sept. 10 & 11.

The play was originally written by Ed Monk, who has also written plays such as “The Reluctant Dragon”, “Day Six” and “Going to School.”

The Millersville University cast includes Glenn Kraft, Allison Smith, Jeff Wolfthal, Megan Kelley, Billy Barnes, Mike McCloskey, Renee Rudolph and Leann Hart.

Though the cast is returning for the show this semester, the director has been changed. Phil Vonada is being replaced by Devyn Heinbaugh who has put a new twist in the way the play will be performed.

“The show has a bit of a different feel than it did in the spring, so even if people saw it last semester, it’ll be a whole new experience this time,” said Jeffrey Wolfthal, who plays the drill sergeant.

Heinbaugh has changed many little things such as the costumes.

“I’ve basically changed all the basics of the show,” she said.

The show revolves around one man’s fight for survival. The “booby trap” is a land mine that a soldier has inadvertently stepped on. The play follows what goes on in his head while he contemplates his next move. The soldier experiences flashbacks to the life he has led and may leave behind. He proceeds to see possibilities for the future if he should die.

“Figuratively, the show is about perspective, what’s important to us. As this soldier is in this situation where death is a certainty, it really draws into perspective what is most important to him,” said Wolfthal.

The plot brings up a lot of interesting ideas on what it is like to be on the verge of death and what goes on in a person’s mind throughout this time. The cast already had a chance last semester to bring their own style to the show. Now with the help of Heinbaugh, members of the campus community can see a whole new side to “Booby Trap.”

The show starts, both Thursday and Friday night, at 8:00 in the Studio Theatre at Dutcher Hall.