Field hockey kicks off 2009 season with a pair of wins

The 2009 Marauders field hockey team are back for another season and ready to attack all who comes their way on the field.

It is a new season, the perfect time for a fresh start and Millersville is going to make sure that they give it their all, as always.

With a few games already underway, the Marauders will continue to charge through their schedule as the season progresses.

On Friday, August 28th, the Marauders faced University of Massachusetts-Lowell on their turf.

Going into the game, the Sea Hawks were ranked number two, so the Marauders knew they would have to be on top of their passing and quick moves until the very end.

Unfortunately, UMass-Lowell was one step ahead as they closed the game at 3-0 with the Sea Hawks on top.

The Marauders did not let defeat set in their minds as they brought an even more intense game to Waltham Massachusetts the next day to play Bentley.

The first half was a battle for domination over the field, but as the second half ticked on, senior forward Kristie Testa took a pass from freshman Melissa McCarthy and shot the ball right past the Sea Hawk’s All-American goalkeeper four minutes into the half.

The Marauders had left their mark, and closed the game at 1-0 with Millersville on top.

Since Bentley had not lost a game at home since September 2008 and has won an NCAA championship, the win was a turning point for the 2009 Marauders, as Coach Shelly Behrens spoke, “It showed the MU team they can compete with anyone on any given day, as well as really validating all of their efforts and commitment as a team.”

Saturday’s game against Seton Hill was only a bigger push towards a successful season.

Only 7:46 into the first half Emily Woodland saw an opening and shot straight for the goal, putting the Marauders ahead 1-0.

Moments later freshman Lauri Blessing ran open for a pass from Ashley Webber and put the ball right past the Griffin’s goalkeeper for a 2-0 lead.

The Griffins caught the Marauders on their heals long enough for them to maneuver the ball onto our defending territory and into our goal cage for their only goal of the game.

Millersville took a minute to refocus and kept right on their game.

Woodland went in for her second goal and squeezed the ball past the Seton Hill goalkeeper, sending the Marauders into a 3-1 lead.

In the second half, junior Nicole Rayson found the sweet spot in the goal twice, ending the game in a 5-1 victory over the Seton Hill Griffins.

It is a fresh start to a new season and Millersville is wasting no time.

MU seems to have one of the toughest schedules in Division II field hockey.

This can only put the Marauders one step ahead, as Coach Shelly Behrens explains, “I think that type of schedule can only elevate our overall level of play.”

The Marauders will have to be on their toes all season long. which is why they have increased the intensity of their play.

The Millersville University field hockey team is not like any other out there.

There is always a sense of chemistry on a team, and MU certainly has a unique dose of it. Coach Behrens was very proud to state about the team, “They are each other’s greatest strength. They have really prepared and challenged themselves and each other. I think this team will continue to grow as far as chemistry. I feel we have our own ‘uniqueness’ and that relays to many different results on the field!”

The Lady Marauders will be facing C.W. Post for their first home game this season.

Come out and support the 2009 Millersville field hockey team at 1PM at Chryst Field!