Library hours change due to budge cuts

At the beginning of the academic year the Millerville University Library was forced to make changes to their hours of operation.

While this was due to statewide budget changes made earlier this year, the library directors were able to study when most students came to the library and came up with the new hours posted at The new hours involve not only a later opening time on Saturday, but also earlier closing times on Friday and Saturday.

With the current allocation set by the state it seems unlikely that longer library hours will be brought back anytime soon, but staff and faculty are confident that these changes are efficient and hope that students are able to make good use of the time that the building is open.

When asked about how these changes would affect their studying habits, most students felt that the changes were slight, and said that they would make use of the online resources when needed.

The outside of Ganser Library
The outside of Ganser Library