Do You Know Who The Kauffmans are?

On October 24, The Millersville Community Parade, which graces the streets from Penn Manor High School to our very own Student Memorial Center,finally selected their grand marshals.

The grand marshals of the Millersville Community Parade are the select few who have given back to the Community the most in the past year.

The honorable list of past grand marshals usually only include single individuals such as dignitaries John Herr and Joseph Caputo, but on rare occasions the award will be given to a couple.

Ralph and Judy Anttonen will no longer hold the distinct honor of being the only couple to be named Grand Marshals because this year the title has been awarded to Ben Franklin Kauffman and Polly Huber Kauffman.

The Kauffmans were high school sweethearts and have been happily married for sixty one years, and even more happily residents of Millersville for seventy years.

They have two kids, five grandchildren, and six great grandchildren to call their own.

Ben and Polly were chosen amongst twenty-five other possible candidates, and will proudly be the leaders of the Millersville Community Parade.

The Kauffmans, always combined in their community efforts, have come a long way in improving the town of Millersville.

They have served as volunteers with the Millersville area of Meals on Wheels which supplies the elderly with all the proper meals every day to keep everyone healthy.

Both are active members of the Penn Manor Alumni Association, but the organization that has felt their impact the greatest is E.C. Church of Millersville.

Ben has served as Sunday School Superintendent, teacher, board president, lay delegate and trustee while Polly has served as Children’s Sunday School Superintendent, church treasurer and board member.

They have served as leaders of this fine church for many years, and hope to continue for many more to come.

The Kauffmans only triple their community service when you look at what they have accomplished individually.

Ben is currently a member and trustee of the Millersville Historical Society and is a 32nd degree Mason of the Charles M. Howell Lodge (Millersville).

Ben is a past member of the Jaycees and Sertoma organizations who has served as the Millersville Borough Manager, Millersville Borough Council President, and as Millersville Borough Council Planning Commission and Zoning Board member.

One of his many awards include when he was named Millersville Lions Club Citizen of the Year in 2004.

Ben served his country in the Air Force through the late 1940s, and helped to make our home a safer place to live.

Polly may not be an unfamiliar face to some people who roam this campus because she herself was a common face for over twenty years.

Polly was employed with the Catholic Campus Ministry Service trying to help students maintain their faith while living on campus and to grow spiritually.

Also, Polly is a member of the Easter Star which is a fraternal organization that bonds fellow brothers and sisters together through high spiritual and moral values.

Come on out and meet Ben and Polly at the Millersville Community Parade, and hopefully get a chance to thank them for all of the hard work that they have performed for our community.