I am appalled at the way students communicate in the Information Age.

A student can make plans to eat for an hour, and only ten minutes (or ten bites) later, a cell phone text sends this once sincere person rushing somewhere else, without any courtesy to the person physically in front of them.

If these devices are made to assist people in communication, why do they make us even less accessible than before?

One particularly irksome thing about cellular telephones is that of a person leaving a message with one’s number in it, while the number called from is either a business telephone or has Caller ID block.

I must apologize that I can never retain these numbers in my head long enough to put them in my address book.

If I were to write them down, it would defeat the purpose of this device.  Therefore, this device should not be equipped with address book capabilities.

The way we act when facing each other has also changed.

In essence, there are no rules of communication except a pack mentality!  The alpha male or alpha female may interrupt anyone, and may suddenly ignore you to talk to another female or male.

When the alpha person speaks, everyone else who is in mid-sentence must stop.

Even in a small group, we may find ourselves shut out despite that we contain useful information.

Consider also the fact that if the rate of delivery, time of delivery, tone of voice, and relevance to the receiver are not pristine, it is as if the deliverer never spoke!

And worst of all, how could anyone possibly consider that Facebook is a determination of faith?

If Artificial Intelligence were to become as intelligent as humans this moment, it would defeat the majority of us without effort.

I started with 700 friends, and by the time I figured out who was willing to demonstrate give-and-take communication, I had three real friends left, and one real family member left.

CareerTrak makes a fortune holding conferences for corporate management with the tagline, “Dealing With Difficult People,” and identifying on the cover “The Seven Types.”

The reason why this is so attractive is because no one will admit that their information is less important than that of others.

The difficult people are YOU!

If these people ever run American corporations, any person with a sense of decency should take the next flight to Uzbekistan.