The sight of so many new faces around campus has me conjuring up old memories of what it was like to be a freshman.

The prevailing smell of manure in the morning, the quest to cross George Street at the crosswalks during lunch and the first bite of gordinier food has me reminiscing my first year of college.

My freshman year was one of adventure, surprise, ingenuity, restlessness, and a taste of the surreal all wrapped up in Millersville gold and black.

These were the times when school was simple.  The only thing that I actually worried about was if I was wearing gym shorts or sweats to class (usually gym shorts, sweats are way too much work in the morning).

To start this year off, I wanted to write a column that strikes at the core of what it is like to be a freshman.

The easiest way for me to relay my little findings for you is a simple list.

There are 15 things that I truly think will make your lives easier and much more enjoyable. Some are opportunities, others mere happenings in what seemed to be one of the quickest years of my life.


1. Never, ever trust any car when you are walking in the crosswalks at school. If you do happen to get hit, just remember stay in the crosswalk, free tuition.

2. Gordinier will most certainly tear your stomach apart.  On average, you are looking at about fifteen minutes after you walk out of the dining hall before you will be visiting the bathroom.  Stall talk is a great way to pass time and, even strike up conversation with the person next to you.

3. The University police exist for one reason, distributing out parking tickets.  They are also exceptional traffic watchers at the intersection of George St. and Frederick.

4. Pay attention to your professors, most of them actually know what they are doing.  Use their intellect to your advantage and learn.

5. The dorms will be an adventure unlike anything else you have ever experienced, enjoy it because paying rent in a crappy apartment is not nearly as much fun.

6. Any opportunity to make friends, no matter how strange they seem to be at first, is worth it

7. To contrary belief, people do not disappear in the library, they actually learn.  Try it out sometime (and not because your professor said you had to).

8. Get involved, a club is a great place to meet people and sometimes even get free food.

9. Do not disrespect the cleaning people in the dorms.  Get to know them, most of them are awesome.

10. Not all of the Resident Assitants are out to get you, only a few.  Trust the peer mentors, they are a bit more lenient then the RA’s.

11. Get in good with the individuals that make the cheesesteaks at the galley.

12. Do not be afraid to be yourself.  There are plenty of people like you on campus.

13. Ask questions all the time, even if you think it does not matter.

14. Remember you are paying to be here.  Use that to your advantage, you will think of a way.

15. Finally, soak in this year. After this year, school gets harder and little drops of the real world slowly start to fall, so enjoy the cover for now.

Most of all have fun.  If you thought high school was the best times of your life, college trumps it.