Field hockey team scores double wins

The weekend brought the Marauders another double victory.

Dominating their home field, they soared past C.W. Post and dodged by Mansfield. A loss against East Stroudsburg the previous week put Millersville at a 4-2 standing overall.

The September 9th defeat by the East Stroudsburg Warriors was a frustrating match for both opponents. Millersville was on the defense for the majority of the game, holding strong to not let any balls get in the danger zone. The defense fought hard, but after multiple attempts ESU finally found the back of the cage in the last few minutes of play sending them into victory over the Marauders 1-0.

Millersville took their frustration into Saturday’s game against C.W. Post for their first home game of the season. The Marauders took their places with determination. Nine minutes into the game, Julia Garber went right in for the goal, dodging past defenders and C.W.’s goalkeeper, putting the Marauders on the scoreboard, 1-0. This set the standards for the remainder of the game. Krista Bupp came in only two minutes later setting up a pass from Kristie Testa and forcing it right into the cage, sending the Marauders ahead 2-0. Before halftime, Millersville brought it together on a corner by a pass from Ashley Webber connecting to Emily Woodland and a hard hit on cage ending the half with a fierce lead of 3-0.

The Marauders played the second half with the same intensity. Testa found a hole and her second goal of the game right into the Pioneer’s goal with nearly seven minutes left to play, making the final score 4-0 in a well played out victory by Millersville. MU had a total of 23 shots on goal overall, proving their dominance over the field.

The team is excited to charge ahead full force through the rest of the season. “This season is different from past seasons because we know where we are headed. We have built our skills and our plan of attack. We have learned to move together and to push together towards a common goal.” Commented forward Emily Woodland.

Sunday’s match up against Mansfield University at home tallied another double victory for the Marauders. The weather set the scene for perfect conditions for the game, without a cloud in the sky. The Marauders trampled the field with a definite sense of endurance and speed. Melissa McCarthy took a straight shot on a corner early on in the first half for a 1-0 lead. The Mountaineers answered back with 6:41 to go in the first half, after a desperate attempt to edge the ball over the goal line, tying the game 1-1 going into half time.

The second half lacked the intensity of the first half, as Mansfield tried to gain control. The Marauders looked tired and run down but after a timeout call by coach Shelly Behrens, the heat was turned back up. Emily Woodland made a quick pass to Kristie Tests and gave a sharp shot right into the goal. Mansfield almost came back on three corners with 0:00 left in the game, but Millersville’s defense denied their attempts. MU took the win with a 2-1 finale.

“We have finally decided that we are not okay with being an average team and that is the difference. That is what has caused us to train harder and push harder than ever before. We have big plans for this season, one game at a time.” Explained Woodland.

Millersville will face Shippensburg on Saturday on the Raider’s territory.