MU's fall concert will bring more rock n' roll

What happens when you take three amazing rock bands and put them on stage? You get Millersville University’s Fall concert.

The All American Rejects, Taking Back Sunday, and Anberlin will be performing in Pucillo Gym on Nov. 17. Tickets will go on sale mid October.

Last Spring, students were able to experience T-Pain’s Rap and R&B style.
The semester before that, Boys Like Girls and Cute Is What We Aim For brought a pop music sound to the campus.

This semester, Millersville is bringing on a little more Rock and Roll.

The All American Rejects will be headlining the event, but all three bands will be given time to show how talented they are.

The All American Rejects have put out three smash-hit albums including their self-titled studio album, “Move Along,” and their current album “When the World Comes Down.”

Their music has made numerous appearances on the Billboard Hot 100, including

“Gives You Hell,” their newest single, peaking at number four.

“Their music has a variety of different styles. It’s not like they’re just singing to one group of people.They want to entertain a variety of people,” said sophomore Luke Catalfano. “They take their music and try to make everyone happy.”

Taking Back Sunday was formed a decade ago in Amityville, Long Island, New York.
Virtually the entire band has been changed in the last ten years. Eddie Reyes, who plays guitar, is the only original band member currently still in the band.

Adam Lazzara, who now sings lead vocals, originally joined the band in 2001 and played bass.

Taking Back Sunday has gone through five full line-up transformations. However, their style has not changed drastically over the years.

They have put out four studio albums, their newest, which is called “New Again,” was released on June 2, 2009.

“I saw Taking Back Sunday last spring at Lockhaven University and they did a really good live show,” said junior Megan Bausinger.

Bausinger said one of the coolest things about the show was when lead singer, Lazzara, did his signature move of swinging the microphone chord around his neck.

Though not as well known as the other two bands, Anberlin can still hold its own in the rock genre. The band used to go under the name SaGoh 24/7 when they were first formed in the late 1990s.

The band eventually changed their name and went in a different direction musically.

Anberlin may not get the coverage that Taking Back Sunday, and especially The All American Rejects, but they do have the talent and determination.

The band’s latest album, “New Surrender,” made it to the number 13 on the Billboard charts and they have sold almost half a million copies.

Anberlin also averages about 200 shows a year, devoting over half the year to bringing their music to a live audience.

“I enjoyed listening to Anberlin even though I usually listen to heavier stuff,” said senior Todd Rankin. “I just recently discovered them and thought they were pretty solid.”

All three bands come from the same American alternative rock genre.
However, they each will definitely be bringing their own unique sound to the show.