Segregation at MU

In a world where everyone wishes to be created equal and where we would like to think that segregation and racism no longer exists, it is ironic to me how Millersville University Organizations and Clubs allow what I would like to call ‘self-segregation’.

I do not know how many of you actually attended Organizational Outbreak that was held in the SMC last Wednesday, but while I was manning the Snapper table with some fellow co-workers I decided to walk around and experience the feel for the different organizations and clubs that the University had to offer.

As a freshman, I want to be able to get the most out of my experience here at Millersville.

I also thought about joining multiple clubs to become more active in the school community.

As I walked around during the Organizational Outbreak, I was disappointed in how many clubs self-segregate themselves and, in my mind, cause racism by not allowing other races to join.

I am by no means stating that there are actual rules saying that because of ethnic reasons people are not allowed to join a particular club.

What I am saying is that, for some reason or another, there is an unwritten rule that segregates organizations based upon ethnic backgrounds and culture.

For example, at the Outbreak clubs such as NAACP and BSU from what I could see, had only African American students in their club. If I wanted to support them and join them with their cause, I feel I would have been looked down upon, or even be accused of making a mockery of their club.

I do not understand why these clubs exist and if a Caucasian was to make a WSU, I feel as though that would cause some controversy.

I find it hard to comprehend that in the year 2009 we need to have organizations strictly devoted to a certain culture.

It’s also sort of mind-boggling how, after years of our country fighting for equal rights and all races wanting to be treated with 100% equally in today’s society, there is still segregation.