Can we know the truth?

We can know the truth because the truth is everywhere. It is a like a lamp around us, constantly hovering. We may miss it due to distractions in our lives. If we decide not to accept the truth, that only lessens of amount the people who know the truth. The truth does not respect of person, but loves all people. The truth desires intimacy with all men and women but will not infringe on people’s boundaries. We must know that truth is out there, though we may not have to accept it.

Truth is not influenced by man’s wisdom, and can last longer than the greatest empire in the world. Truth is forever, but empires only wither. If I take a glass ceiling and shatter it, the truth will still last. If I attempt to shatter the truth, then the truth was a lie. Truth is unbreakable and is not humanely achievable, but only God-achievable. We may know the truth because the truth is from God.

I may leave the truth or deny it, but the truth will never leave me or deny me. The truth is a lover of my soul that I do not want to let go. The truth loves me, loves you, and is jealous of your time. The truth cries everyday because you smack it in the face, because it already paid the price at calvary.

The pain you feel can be taken away. The tears can be wiped away. Joy is fluent in the person’s heart and the truth is in them.

“You may pass me by but I will not pass you by,” says the truth.

“You may spit at my face, but I will only pursue you even more,” says the truth.

“For those who believe in nothing, I believe in you,” says the truth.

“I know you exist though it may be otherwise for you, my beloved,” says the truth.

If you are in bondage; the truth will set you free. If you are in danger; you will be rescued. If you are trapped; you will be released. If you are alone; the truth was there the whole time in your darkest hours. “If you simply live life denying the truth, I never denied you,” says the truth.

The truth speaks of getting what you desire. If you ask for bread, will it ever give you stone? No. You will receive bread plus more. If you ask for fish, will ever receive a serpent? No. The truth will give you a basket of fish. The truth desires to bless, love and protect not kill and destroy.