I wanted to write and address the article written in “The Snapper” Thursday September 24, 2009. The article, “Segregation at MU,” addressed what the author believed to be racism at Millersville University. She stated that the Millersville University, “…NAACP and BSU from what I could see, had only African American students in their club.”

Although this seems true on the surface, I suggest we all understand our own statements before making them. The titles “BSU” and “NAACP” are titles given to the organizations because they either represent a national organization or are chapters representing students throughout the United States. Based on my own three year experience at Millersville, BSU and NAACP have never told anybody students of other races could not join.

The statement made by the author that these organizations “…cause racism by not allowing other races to join,” is not only inaccurate, but based on ignorance. NAACP reached out to College Republicans in Fall 2009 when they asked representatives of our club to join them for a meeting to discuss politics. At first, I will admit that I was nervous about how the organization would take my political views considering many members campaigned for President Barack Obama. After stating my views, I was applauded and thanked for accepting the invite. Although we never reached a consensus and I am sure few were swayed to vote for John McCain, I was treated with respect and asked to come back for regular meetings.

The arm is always extended, but people are often so wrapped up in the title they never realize the organizations’ open acceptance of all students. Editorials that imply “Hip Hop Culture” are the catalyst to violence are the reason that racism still exists.