The Pitiful Side of Television

As I flip through the TV guide on my satellite, I often see “reality shows” that are becoming more prevalent as networks begin to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas. The reality show I am talking about is the type based on the dimwitted lives of rich people’s kids or wives.

The spoiled brats and wives of the super rich get their own television shows, not because of talent or interesting lives, but because they are spoiled. Since when has the idea of watching a show about rich people complaining about their “difficult” lives become interesting? Apparently, I missed the boat when it came to what qualifies as good TV

If there is one show that incorporates all of the ingredients of a stupid rich girl show, it is “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Since the daughters all seem to possess the intelligence of a thumb tack, it does not seem like an interesting premise for a television show.

However, the sad thing is not the infantile minds of the Kardashian sisters, but rather the fact that the show is going into its fourth season! Why would anyone in their sane mind find spoiled and unintelligent rich girls entertaining? Better yet, what is so special about these girls that they have their own TV show? Perhaps being rich, spoiled, and not knowing how to tie your shoes all factor into the equation.

On the same level as the Kardashian brain trust is the series of “The Real Housewives of (fill in the blank).” Again, besides being the self-centered moochers of their rich husbands, what makes these housewives so interesting? The housewives have terribly hectic and difficult lives, because I am sure the four hours of shopping at the mall followed by pedicures and lattes is an extremely demanding day. So it would appear that being rich, simple, and spoiled makes anyone worth watching on TV.

It seems trash TV is taking over entertainment in our country. The qualifications for being on a reality show have dropped to, well, nothing. No talent, unique skills, or even difficult struggles are needed to become a star. Just be rich, talentless, and sexy and you can sign your reality show contract tomorrow.

Why am I writing this article? Is it to satirize the stupidity of modern reality TV, to mock the spoiled elite of the country, or to beg the watchers of these TV shows to realize just how low-brow these shows really are? Let’s go with “all of the above” as the answer to this question.