Behind the Desk: Dr. Steven Miller

Q: What university did you attend?

A: Dr. Miller went to Indiana University, where he received his Ph.D in English.

Q: What are you a professor of?

A: Miller has been teaching english for almost 25 years. He specifically teaches: ”English poetry before the 1800s, the 1500s, and 1600s are my main area, but I have taught almost every English class offered at Millersville in the English department, from Poetry to World Literature I and II, and Creative Writing. I like to teach English Composition to freshmen, because it is more engaging and interesting to work with freshmen writers, because they are just starting off in a new experience. They come out of high school or they transfer, and college is new. I find a first year student of any age is more open to experimentation to try new things and to just having fewer limits.”

Q: Do you have advice for writers?

A: “Just remember, it is a process and try to find what works for you as a writer. Don’t try to force the writing, if you do get blocked, try something else.”

Q: What is your favorite book?

A: ”Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë. It is my ultimate, all time favorite novel, I read it at a very early age, and it affected me with the different elements: ancestry, family connections, sibling rivalry. It is packed with all kinds of emotions, and I like to read anything anyone has written about Wuthering Heights; the spin-offs and criticisms. I used to read it annually and I try to teach it whenever I get a chance. I actually teach a class on the three Brontë sisters, but I do like John Donne, Edmund Spenser and Margaret Lucas Cavendish.”