There is a definite chill in the air, which can only mean that fall has arrived and with it, the sudden onset of October and the holiday revered by children all across the United States.

Soon it will be a night of abandon – a night of dressing up to get as much candy as possible in one night – Halloween. Looking back, I remember hitting every house on my block, and hoping for more candy than last year and enough to last me until next year. But that never happened. I would always come home, my Mom would inspect my bag of candy, taking out the one that I “wouldn’t like,” and then I would proceed to eat as much as possible without throwing up.

Now that I’m “too old” to go trick-or-treating I have to live vicariously through the children who come to the door looking for their share of the candy to make themselves sick, although, if there is candy left over after trick-or-treating, I feel like I did go trick-or-treating without all the walking.

Soon after my brothers and I could no longer go trick-or-treating, my family decided to make the most of Halloween and try to scare the kids coming for our candy. Instead of just making the house look nice, we make it look scary.

One year, my dad dressed up like a scarecrow and sat next to the door the kids would be coming to for candy. He even had hay coming out of his sleeves and neck with a hat covering his face. He looked so real that when my dad jumped up and screamed at the kids coming up the steps, they screamed and fled back down to their parents without getting any candy.

The next round of kids to come up the walk, my dad let them get candy first before scaring them. Beware the house that looks a little dangerous, because it might be mine, and have fun on Halloween even if you are too old.