It is the time of year when ghouls and goblins haunt the streets. A mix of interesting characters is usually seen on Halloween night. This season will bring classic costumes back from the grave.

Halloween is a time to transform into something totally different than what you are. At Halloween parties, there are typically zombies, French maids, vampires, witches, and pirates, among others.

New trends emerge every year and are always fascinating to see. Events in pop culture usually shape what costumes become popular each year. Last year, “The Dark Knight” swept through the streets producing many costumes.

Donna Hunsicker, of Spencer’s Gift store, said “Last year, the Joker costume was the most popular for men and boys.”

Michael Jackson costumes have always made an appearance. His original sense of style has been duplicated in previous years. But according to Christina Ellis, a manager from Halloween Adventure store “This year, Michael Jackson costumes will be especially popular because of his passing.”

The death of an iconic figure in pop culture is a big influence. The Joker was trendy not only because “The Dark Knight” was a box office hit, but the death of Heath Ledger played a role in the costume’s popularity.

On the website,, Michael Jackson ranks fourth on the 100 Most Popular Costume Ideas list. Holding the number one spot was the Mad Hatter from “Alice in Wonderland.” With the popularity of the “Twilight” saga, there will be an increase in the classic vampire costume this year, which ranked 48th on the top 100.

Other popular costumes that have resulted from movies are “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Friday the 13th,” and “Up.” Ellis also said, “’High School Musical’ costumes were a big hit with kids last year and ‘Hannah Montana’ costumes are popular this year.”

Couple’s costumes are popular every year. Matt Besson, a junior, said “I know a few couples who are being Edward and Bella from ‘Twilight,’ other popular couple’s costumes include Tarzan and Jane, Adam and Eve, and Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny.”

Tiana Brooks, a junior Public Relations major said “The trend for girls is Playboy Bunnies and school girls.” She went on to say, “Greek goddesses were popular last year.” These types of costumes have remained popular throughout the years.

Keep it original. Choose a costume that no one you know will be wearing. Be creative. Creativity keeps costumes interesting. If you are short on money, you can always make your own. For example, duct tape and cardboard boxes can make a nice looking robot.

Also, pairing up with someone to do theme costumes is always fun. Two collaborated costumes grab more attention than one.

When going to a Halloween party, expect to see Michael Jackson look-alikes and vampires paying tribute to “Twilight.” But don’t worry, there will still be girls dressed as Playboy Bunnies and guys disguised as zombies creeping through the town.