The healthcare debate in Congress has finally taken a step toward being resolved, however, the flip side of the whole debate is rather interesting.

Those senators and representatives opposing the healthcare plan say that it is a step toward socialism. Claiming that government-run insurance is too intrusive and controlling, the congressmen use this as ammo to oppose the bill.

One interesting point to mention is that some of the front runners of the opposition have received hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, in campaign contributions by healthcare companies.

This little tidbit of information cannot go unnoticed, because it is a prime example of how big corporations with big lobbies control the government.

According to Rick Sanchez of CNN, healthcare companies have put forth $378 million in the last eight months to influence the debate over healthcare.

Lobbying efforts (wining, dining, etc.) alone account for $280 million, and campaign donations add up to $23 million. Television ads, perhaps the least crooked part of this whole situation, account for $75 million.

To say that the congressmen will not be swayed or influenced by perks and campaign contributions only proves how blind you really are to the world of politics.

These corporations did not contribute money to campaigns out of their love for democracy, they want to buy the congressmen!

The sad part is that the congressmen who received money seem more than happy to oblige the corporations that laid down the green.

As reported, Independent senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont said sarcastically, “The idea that they (healthcare corporations) would get anything for their money, I am sure, is the furthest possible thing on their minds.”

Bernie Sanders is the exact type of congressman we need in government. He is honest, open, and seems to be much less dirty than some other congressmen.

Mr. Sanders also supports the use of the website, which is a site that displays all of the campaign contributions for U.S. congressmen.

If you log on and check it out, you will be amazed, or perhaps just have your thoughts validated, by the amount of money dumped into campaigns by private companies. What does all of this add up to?

Well, if congressmen are being bought, and the corporations hold the purse strings, then who is really running our country?