Fabulous Fall Fashion

Pull out your sweaters and scarves, your Ugg boots in every color, and that fuzzy hat crammed in your closet. Fall is back and that means it is time to bundle up in your peacoats, Millersville sweatshirts and skinny jeans.

There might be a decline in the economy, but that does not have to keep you from looking great during the fall months. This year it is all about affordability, as well as color and texture.

The classic cardigan is making a comeback this year, but in a new, edgy way. Mustard yellows, deep teals, and various purple colors can be found in any department store.

These cardigans should be matched with brightly colored tank tops that play off of a duller shade, such as a mustard yellow cardigan with a deep orange shirt, or a purple cardigan with a teal shirt. These styles can be complimented with a dark skinny jean and a knee-high boot.

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Accessorizing is a must this season, and no one should leave his or her house without a bright scarf or long necklace. Gold is the new silver this year, and the simple set of pearls should be left for your grandmother to wear.

This year’s styles are mixed; pearls, silver, and gold chains are tangled together. It is all about funky charms like sparrows and bows. These small accents will liven up the simple sweaters that are “in”.

The ever-popular legging continues to haunt the runway and all the stores. This year, substitute your pants for gray leggings underneath a bulky striped sweater. Bright leggings underneath a soft brown sweater.

Black is out. This year it is all about the browns and the oranges. This includes purses; which can range in any size, from the bulky dog-carrying bag, to the slim over the shoulder purse that only fits a cell phone and credit card (perfect for going out). Purses should be an expressive color, matching is not as important as before.

Shoes are ever changing, and this year throw those ballerina flats out and try an over-the-knee high-heeled boot over your leggings or skinny jeans. Or try a funky colored ankle boot, or for a going out look, try a cage heel with your jeans. Also try some moccasins, which never go out of style.

These fashion trends do not have to put a hole in your pocket. All of these items can be found at your local Target, which sells fashionable clothing at an affordable price.

Do not forget the most important accessory as the months grow colder is yourself, your attitude, and your smile. Remember that you wear the clothes, they do not wear you.