If you’re into food spiced with earthy concoctions and music beats that enter your very soul, then the Latino Food and Music Festival was the place to be Tuesday Oct. 6. From 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. the rhythms of salsa and the smell of rich Latino foods filled the air of the SMC multi-purpose room.

Led by Dr. Mahaffy of the Latino Studies Department and sponsored by the Society of Latino affairs, the Social Equity Office and the Latino Studies Minor Department.

The event is held every year to celebrate Latino culture and food.

“What we’re trying to do is profile Latino food and culture to introduce people who are either not familiar with the culture, or for people who are, to continue to celebrate it,” said Dr. Mahaffy of the festival.

There were no tickets required to attend, as everything, including the food, was free of charge.

When asked about the food that was featured there Dr. Mahaffy said “It’s really excellent Puerto Rican and Mexican food from local restaurants, we try to support our local restaurants.”

The food was a culinary delight, and the music did not fall short of outstanding. The salsa band, Los Fantasticos, made an appearance, and afterward, a DJ took over the Latin beats.

The festival also featured two professional dancers and some Latino Studies students doing a routine of salsa and bachata.
Bachata, as Dr. Mahaffy explained is; “A Dominican form of dance with a different beat and is played a little differently from salsa.”

Afterward, the professionals were present to run a workshop for people who wanted to try to dance to the live music.

The Latino Food and Music Festival was a great experience, “It’s a really nice way for people to be exposed to the Latino culture, to try a little bit of food…and they can just sit back and listen to some really good music. It’s really meant to be an entertaining time as well as an educational opportunity,” Dr. Mahaffy said.

Latin American culture is known for its food and its rhythmic music that makes one really want to learn salsa.

This festival gave students the opportunity to experience that world and that atmosphere.

The Latino Food and Music Festival was not an opportunity to be missed.