Mackenzie Wrobel nominated into the Board of Governors

Coming into college undecided, Mackenzie Wrobel did not know what area best suited her. Later, Wrobel realized that focusing on the fundamentals of business and government offered her the best options for future success.

At Millersville University, Wrobel has served as a member of the Dining Committee, Pride, and the Student Concerns and Allocations committee. Also, Wrobel has shined as a member and president overseeing the MU Student Senate. Wrobel has acted as president since spring and was nominated to the Board of Governors for the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

Wrobel is one of the three Student Government Presidents on the Board of Governors for the PASSHE. Only three students are selected from the fourteen PASSHE school organizations. Wrobel’s task is to provide student views to the board.

Wrobel also works on the Board of Student Government Presidents with the other 14 members. It is within this board that Wrobel and others conduct face-to-face meetings and conference over the phone to accomplish PASSHE initiatives and to solve student-related issues.

During these meetings, Wrobel works with the PASSHE organization as a team. One member of the board, Kenneth M. Jarin stated, “Our student members bring an important perspective to the Board.”

Wrobel and the Student Governors for PASSHE from Edinboro and Slippery Rock, hold the same voting rights as all other members of the board. Every day, new topics are discussed, which leads to new and challenging issues. “Each day, each meeting, is a new learning experience,” she said.

These experiences have made Wrobel’s experience as a student of MU well worth it.
Wrobel has also won the PRIDE award. The PRIDE award offers Millersville students with the chance to nominate fellow classmates on their different accomplishments. This award proved to be “particularly special” because it was voted on by Wrobel’s peers.

Accomplishing in the many ways Wrobel has, she openly gives thanks to professors, senators, and advisors who have lead her along the way. Also, she is thankful for the opportunity to serve as an orientation leader where she says, “Not only did I learn to grow as a person, I learned to grow as a friend, a mentor, and a leader.” This opportunity acquired through MU sparked the later involvement she would have in the university.

Being a senior, Mackenzie Wrobel urges us to take the step out of our comfort zone even if it means taking the path less traveled because the rewards will be well worth it.

Another thought of Wrobel was, “People help people.”

This statement is fundamentally the role she has had in PASSHE Board of Governors and all other committees she has served on. Always focused on the common, Wrobel and the Board of Governors work internally in order for members of the PASSHE to perform better externally. Wrobel said, “In the end, the lessons and experiences are beyond worth it. It is an accomplishment I will always treasure.”