Last Thursday, Vice President for Finance Administration Roger V. Bruszewski attended the Student Senate meeting. Bruszewski had helpful information for the students regarding the Student Memorial Center (SMC) renovations as well as the University budget.

The Galley in the SMC will be closing after graduation this spring, and renovations will begin on the lower part of Gordinier, by Gordy’s and Cygnets.  There will be a stairway able to be accessible from the outside, as well as an elevator at easier access.  There will also be love seats, couches, and many tables all along the windows and open area.

The cherry on top of the renovations will be, in Bruszewski’s words, a “Sheetz-type concept,” with made to order food, latte machines, soda coolers, and much more.  This new eating establishment will be named by Student Senate, and The Anchor is a potential front-runner; as it will be under the Upper Deck.  The area will stay open after the Galley is reopened.

Bruszewski also gave a presentation on the University Budget Information, that was in the e-mail from Dr. McNairy. Bruszewski’s presentation was very informative, as was Dr. McNairy’s letter.  Bruszewski said he wishes for the budget information to be an “interactive process” with the campus students, faculty, and staff.  For more information, one should visit The budget presentation is available as a download on the website, and Bruszewski encouraged anyone who has suggestions or concerns to email him.

Bruszewski will also be holding a series of meetings to hear about the budget, and a listing is available on the website posted above. Questions can also be posed to any of the Student Senators who attended the meetings.

Other important matters were discussed following Bruszewski’s presentation to the Senate. The first Weiner Wednesday is expected to be held December 2 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the SMC Banking Lobby. The senate will be participating in The World AID’s Day Rummage Sale on December 1 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the SMC MPR, which is sponsored by the Peer Health Educators.  Other organizations will be selling items that day as well, and the organization can decide to either keep the money they made, or donate it to foundations to further AIDs research.

The Color of Teaching Organization was granted permanent status from the senate.  There are many different committees in the senate, and senators must hold a seat on two committees.