Thoughts on all 30 at the Halfway Point

Everybody who said New England’s defense was vulnerable and would prevent them from being dominant?  Yeah good call there. The Pats D ranks 2nd in points per game against.  We will be seeing them playing late in January.

The honeymoon is over for the Jets. Rex Ryan needs to stop complaining about everything and worry about finding the team that started 3-0.  The good news is Oscar Meyer will be hollering at Mark Sanchez soon.

I think that the Fins are the second best team in the division but they can’t seem to close games this year.  I was wrong about the wildcat; they are the only team that can pull it off.

Everybody wants to blame Trent Edwards in Buffalo, but how can you blame a quarterback that is playing behind the worst O-line in the NFL.  Silver Lining:  Jairus Byrd is tied for the league lead in picks, and is my pick for defensive rookie of the year.

The Bengals are the biggest surprise of the year.  First reaction would be to say it’s because of Carson Palmer, but Cedric Benson’s resurgence, and a surprisingly sticky defense, have Cincy looking for a division crown.

Pittsburgh has rebounded nicely from a shaky start to win five in a row.  If I could have one team play for my life tomorrow, I think it would be the Steelers.  My favorite player on the team might be Jeff Reed.  He was arrested once again in an alcohol related incident, needless to say, the man gets it in.

Baltimore really perplexes me.  Despite a 3-0 start they sit at 4-4.  To hop on the cliché train for a minute, a few plays here or there, and they are 5-3 or 6-2.  I believe they are a playoff team, but time will tell.  Two large contests loom with the Steelers.

Cleveland is a mess, not much else to say here.

The Colts look great so far this year.  Peyton Manning is the best quarterback today and has turned Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie into household names.  The defense will need to overcome losing three starters in the secondary, but they appear capable, as they have allowed the fewest points per game in the NFL.

Houston has impressed me so far this year.  I always thought the team was close to being good, but that they could never get over the hump.  Matt Schaub has, for the most part, avoided the pick 6 that has plagued his career and Andre Johnson is still the best wideout in the league.

Jacksonville has me all sorts of irritated.  I don’t see any reason for them to be 4-4, but somehow they are.  I don’t know how you get housed 41-0 by an average Seattle team, get blown out by the Titans, but beat Houston, and almost upset Indy.

Chris Johnson leading the league in rushing is the only positive thing you can say about the Titans.  Vince Young is finally at the helm; hopefully his passer rating will eclipse his Wonderlic score.

I admit I was wrong about Denver when I said they were the worst team to ever be 3-0.  However, I still do not buy that they are this good.  Their defense has been very impressive and Kyle “The Bottle” Orton has managed the game extremely well. Don’t be shocked if they miss the playoffs.

I’m hard pressed to get too excited about San Diego, but with that being said, I think they are pretty good.  I see them nudging Denver out of the top spot in the West by the end of the season.

Kansas City has been a huge disappointment.  I’m glad that the Matt Cassel pick-up has done wonders for their offense (sarcasm).

Oakland is offensive.  Gee I guess the fact that Jamarcus Russell can throw a ball 50 yards from his knees wasn’t that important after all.

Dallas has been the most consistent team in the NFC East so far this year.  Romo looks good, but he does this every year until December begins.  If I hear anymore talk about how wonderful Miles Austin is, I may have to throw myself into oncoming traffic.

The Eagles have been great in flashes, but downright sloppy at times.  One week they are laying an egg the size of McNabb’s gut in Oakland, the next they are dismantling the G men.  I still think Philly is very good and will make a playoff run.

The Giants have dropped four in a row and have their faithful worried.  Eli has been ordinary and the once great defense has been continually shredded.  Despite the stumble, don’t be surprised if they sneak into the playoffs.

The Skins are an organization in shambles.  Until Daniel Snyder turns over power to somebody with a clue, the team is destined for failure.  Their O-line is in the conversation with Buffalo’s for the worst in the league.

Minnesota looks awesome, and I fear they may be the best team in the NFC.  Peterson is still dominant and the defense is stingy.  Brett Favre looks great (I had to have a shot of vodka to stomach that comment).

Thankfully Jay Cutler has looked pretty average this year for the Bears.  He has not been the savior they had hoped and they appear to still be an average team.  In Cutler’s defense, Devin Hester is the number one receiver.

The Pack seemed to be a threat to Minnesota earlier this season but now they look like a team that will have to scramble for a wild card.  Aaron Rodgers has been good but has been running for his life.

Detroit looks better and they are 1-7, that shows how bad they were last year.  Matthew Stafford looks to be a good bet for the future.

New Orleans just keeps winning.  I still refuse to buy that they are this good, however.  The offense is almost unstoppable but if they are forced to travel to an outdoor stadium in January, there may be trouble.  Home field will be imperative for the Saints, and luckily for them, if they don’t get the No. 1 seed it will probably be Minnesota, another dome team.

Atlanta is hot and cold but overall still a very good team.  Matt Ryan seems to be for real and if Michael Turner can get it going they will be in good shape for a wild card berth.  I tip my cap to Mike Smith for challenging DeAngelo Hall to a fight; I don’t like “D-Hall” either.

Carolina is a very average team that needs to be reshuffled.  Priority number one, get a new starting quarterback, Delhomme is a turnover waiting to happen.

The good news: The Bucs won a game. The bad news: They did so while wearing those orange creamsicle jerseys.

Arizona is doing their usual off and on behavior in the regular season.  When the switch is flipped, the offense is among the best in the league.  They will walk to the division title, and be a tough out in the post-season.

The 49ers looked to be a threat to the Cardinals but those hopes quickly diminished.  They are 0-3 since Crabtree debuted. Just saying.

Seattle is on the rise and is a year or two away from being good again.  The only thing is, they need to help Hasselback be healthy in two years.

The Rams: see Cleveland’s description.