This is an article we pulled from our archives. It was in the January 13’s issue in the year 1949. Hamline University’s change in policy was so big, even our institution covered it.

St. Paul Minn. IP – New regulations liberalizing late privileges for all women residents on the Hamline University campus were put into effect recently at all three residences for women.

Greatest changes in the rules pertain to 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock privileges. General changes consist of automatic 12’s” on Saturday and Sunday as contrasted with only Saturday according to the old rules and one hour after basketball games but not later than 12 p. m. where only a half hour was granted previously.

Most of the revisions were done on a junior and senior college basis with freshmen and sophomores included in the first group and upperclassmen in the second group.

Residents listed in the first classification now may have 10 one o’clock privileges a semester. The old rules allotted “ones” on a monthly basis. Upperclassmen may have 18 “ones” a semester.

Second semester freshmen with C averages may have two 12 o’clock privileges a week instead of one. If a freshman woman maintains a B average the first semester she is entitled to sophomore privileges.

Sophomores maintaining a B average for two successive semesters including the freshman year may have junior privileges.

Seniors may have five two o’clock privileges a semester to be used any time except Sunday.

Other changes consisted mainly of providing for more definite penalties for rule infractions and abolishment of the warning system.