Express Laundry puts new spin on service

When writing papers and studying for exams takes priority in life, it is difficult to find time to do something as mundane as laundry.

Express Laundry, LLC is a company offering a new service around Millersville University Campus that will make life easier for students. Owned by Bev Kreider, the Express Laundry company picks up customers’ laundry every Monday night, washes it, dries it, and even folds it, then returns it on Wednesdays.

This service is most beneficial to people who are working their way through college, have internships or part-time jobs, or are just too busy to spend time and money in the laundry room. Kreider said, “I find it especially beneficial for those in Brookwood Apartments, people who live off campus, and those who can’t go home and have mom and dad do their laundry. We are also looking to expand services for those who commute. It’s also for those who hate laundry.”

Express Laundry, LLC is more than just a laundry mat. With dry cleaning services available, they focus on regular laundry. “There are not many services like it in the Millersville and Lancaster area,” Kreider said, “We try our best to accommodate requests with pick-up – we do each individual bag, not together with other people’s laundry. We also check each garment for spots to treat, so if you have a specific garment that needs special treatment, leave a note with your bag letting us know.”

Kreider made special note of a running special they are having. Customers who sign-up for the service before December 13 can get a discount for the Spring semester. Rather than pay $14.95 a week, the discount brings the price to $13.70 a week.

There are two plans offered. There is a basic plan which uses a small bag that holds 15-18 pounds of laundry. The premium plan uses a large bag that can hold up to 25-30 pounds of laundry, which is ideal for those who have a lot of laundry in the course of the week.

Plans are not paid for weekly, but paid in full for the entire semester. Prices are calculated per week. They do not include the first week of the semester, nor the week of finals or spring break. Kreider said, “We tailor the Millersville plan to the Millersville calendar. You can choose an option on the website so you don’t have to pay every week. I look at the calendar and don’t include costs for vacations, off-weeks, and off-days. If students aren’t there, they won’t have laundry for us to pick-up so we don’t charge for those weeks.”

Customers can also choose to call and ask for pick-up for that week alone, rather than sign-up for a plan. Students must call in time for the Monday evening pick-up, otherwise they will have to wait until next week. They also have to pay by the pound, and pay by credit card over the phone. This is for people who need laundry done on a non-weekly basis. “It is cheaper using a weekly plan,” Kreider said, “because paying by the pound adds up.”

Interested students can sign up for the service online at or call at 717-426-4100. Once signed up, customers will get a free laundry bag with a shoulder strap, in which to put the laundry. The bag can then be left at the main desk in the dormitory where they will pick it up. For the Brookwood apartments, they drop off the bag at customers’ doors. The bag is also washed with customers’ laundry.