Our university has the opportunity to be one of the best institutions the east coast has to offer. Millersville has a wide range of faculty who have come from the best schools in this great nation. Our sizable student population gives us the opportunity to meet someone new everyday, yet is small enough to capture the essence of each individual. The growing diversity found throughout campus brings a sense of the real world, which is what lies outside of the hollow classrooms we presently find shelter in. Most of all, we, the students are what makes Millersville University what it truly is, great.

Even with all of these positives, the students can tell you first hand our university is missing something. We are missing a sense of identity many universities share with their students. The identity that our campus needs to perpetuate is that this institution of higher education is not just amazing on paper, but amazing in looks. It is true never to judge a book by its cover, but Millersville needs to understand that other institutions are surpassing us in the awe factor. We seem to be dangling in an area of the old and new with no real determination in grabbing either side with authority. Buildings such as McComsey, Osbourn, Stayer, and Wickersham represent where the university wants to be with modern architecture. Yet, the students are left scratching their heads when it comes to buildings such as Hash and Byerly. They have no real identity and seem as old as the University.

Then we come to the parking situation on campus. How is it that the administration allowed the parking garage to be so detached from the rest of the university instead of placing it in McComsey’s parking lot or a dorm lot? On top of the mismanagement of parking, the University Police insist on constantly taking money from the students in the form of tickets. Do we not already pay enough tuition to keep the parking lots in fair condition? A school made up predominately by commuters should have parking primarily on their minds and it seems to be the furthest from their minds.

It is sad to see a university that has the possibility to become the picture of success in our state system but constantly ignore what is truly important; the students.