In the midst of the United Nations Climate Summit in Copenhagen, Denmark; e-mails were anonymously leaked from the Climate Research Unit. Some say this is our era’s “Climate Gate.”

As the Boston Globe reports, the CRU has had thousands of private emails and documents leaked from their computers. The CRU is one of the main facilities whose data is used to support the Global Warming argument, and is the workplace for several well-known climate scientists.

These leaked e-mails show evidence of CRU scientists suppressing data that does not agree with global warming and also readjusting the peer review process by which research is submitted to such famous scientific journals as “Climate Research.”

The reason the anti-global warming climate scientists’ research has been hidden is because for research to be considered legitimate in the scientific community, the research must fit in these scientific journals. An excerpt of an email from CRU Director Phil Jones to Penn State University scientist Michael Mann shows the efforts to adjust the peer review process by not allowing two anti-global warming scientists research to be published.

Here is the excerpt from their e-mail, “I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report,” with IPCC standing for Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, “Kevin and I will keep them out somehow- even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!”

Another interesting fact is that around the time of “Climate Gate,” it was discovered that all of the raw data from CRU (that many of Global Warming claims are based upon) has been destroyed.

Reactions to “Climate Gate” have been scarce due to the absence of the major networks reporting on this issue. MRC (Media Research Center) has reported that NBC, ABC, and CBS have yet to report on “Climate Gate,” except for one brief mention by ABC. MRC’s Free Market Project discovered that in the four years leading up to the Kyoto conference (a climate change conference) only five percent of the global warming stories on ABC, CBS, CNN, and NBC mentioned the arguments of global skeptics. Also, as critics of George W. Bush pushed for him to ratify the Kyoto agreement, only three percent of the stories on all of these networks even mentioned the research of climate skeptics.

One of the few reactions to “Climate Gate” was an article by Scholar Dr. Jerome Ravetz and Professor of Climate Change Mike Hulme of BBC news. In this article they raise interesting points such as, “It is possible that some areas of climate science have become sclerotic, that its scientific practices have become too partisan, that its funding-whether from private or public sectors-has compromised scientists.” Also they suggest that some emails “suggests a form of social organization that is now all too familiar in some sections of business and government”. There is a solution proposed by Dr. Ravetz and Professor Hulme though, who believe that science must improve by engaging with expertise outside the laboratory and becoming more responsive to natural skepticism and scrutiny by the public.

The New American reported that shortly after “Climate Gate” that CRU Director Phil Jones stepped down from his position as director of CRU. They also stated that an independent review board is being launched into a full investigation of “Climate Gate” and CRU.