How to: Keep in contact with home

We all believed in the old saying, “we’ll be friends forever,” and we said “graduation won’t separate us.” But then we find ourselves two years into college with new friends and browsing Facebook to see what our friends from high school are up to. We find ourselves wishing that we kept in better contact with them and whether or not you can become friends again. Well chin up, there are plenty of solutions to help you keep in contact with your old friends and revive old friendships.

Keeping in contact with friends from high school after the college transition ca not be done effectively through the internet and social networking sites. Communication can happen in many different ways. A phone call can tell stories with animation an e-mail can not produce. A text message every other day “thinking of you and wondering what your up to,” better than a Facebook post. Keeping a personal relationship with friends and loved ones lies in the message you present and the ways in which you present it.

Here are some creative ideas to get you started. Send a hand written letter to friends with some printed out pictures, articles, or blog post’s that you thought they would enjoy. Sending letters through the mail is only a stamp’s worth of money and is worth so much more than an e-mail. Have a little more money to spare? Send a package through the mail of things you know they need to “survive” their studies. Include things like candy, stress balls, and magazines. The internet holds so many different great ideas that you can use to keep in contact with your friends. Here is a tip: Search websites that give ideas for deployed families to send things overseas to their loved ones, some of the ideas are simple enough for anyone to use.

TIP: During breaks, keep your time divided for your own leisure time, visiting family, and visiting friends. If you meet at someone’s house or for dinner, you will have much more personal time to catch up and exchange college experiences then if you were to go see a movie.