Paranormal thriller chills audience

There were a lot of frights and flights on Saturday at the premiere of Paranormal Activity. Some people took off because they could not handle the intensity of the supernatural thriller. With a budget of only $15,000, director Oren Peli managed to create one of the scariest movies ever made after the Blair Witch Project.

This movie seems to get to some people because it looks and sounds so realistic, like it could happen to any one of us, when in fact the entire story was fictional.

Basically, the film is about a young couple starting out in a typical suburban environment. Everything seems fine at first until they realize they just may have a supernatural visitor in their house at night. Micah, the boyfriend, finds the whole situation quite amusing and decides to take it to the next level by setting up a video camera in the bedroom.

Little things happen now and then, nothing serious really, but it is enough to make Katie, the girlfriend, bring a psychic into their home to investigate the situation.

There are definitely not a lot of characters in this movie, only three to be exact. The boyfriend, the girlfriend, and the psychic are the only ones dealing with the poltergeist.

As the movie goes on, it definitely becomes more chilling, but not a lot has to happen in order to do this. Maybe that is why some people find it terrifying. Others just think the movie is hilarious and a complete joke, but everyone has their own opinion. The realistic essence of the video camera has the same feel as in the movie “Cloverfield,” but with much less shaking and bouncing around.

To people who are not fans of gore, I suggest not finishing the movie because you will probably close your eyes. Unfortunately, the trailer gave most of the plot away, so the film is pretty predictable like almost every movie out there these days. The only part you will not already suspect is the ending, so get ready for a twist! To people who scare easily and get nightmares from horror films, I suggest not seeing this film. However, this would make a great date movie.

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Blood Drive

This film, even with such a small budget, was excellent at tapping into peoples’ curiosity and emotions. With these techniques, the film overall made almost $108M. This is pretty good for actors who are almost completely unknown. They certainly will not be unknowns now. See this film and find out if it really measures up to all the hype.