Students attend spring Organizational Outbreak

Last Tuesday, Jan. 19, the multi-purpose room of the SMC, Student Programs held the winter organizational outbreak. The outbreak lasted from 7-9 p.m. More than 55 organizations joined in the festivities.

The opportunity for organizations to expand their member base is one of the key components to the gathering. Clubs from big to small used many different methods to attract perspective students to their tables. Pamphlets, flyers, large poster boards, laptops and lively colors all helped support the organizations. Individuals in suits, bee suits, signs hanging around their necks and a whacky collection of sunglasses seemed to poke a dot the crowd. The outbreak is the only official gathering of all the organizations during the course of the semester.

The main reason for the outbreak is to help new and old students become more involved on campus. Organizations have trouble at times attracting new students. But with the help of organizational outbreak, which also takes place during the fall semester, is essential to get the word out for many organizations. Smaller organizations such as the Table Tennis Club find the outbreak beneficial. Table Tennis Club President Sean Joyce said “It gives us the ability to reach out to those who know nothing of us.” This seemed to be the theme of many at the outbreak.

It is easy to see that the organizational outbreak is a special part of Millersville and a tool for the student body to keep using.