Philadelphia is famous for many things: cheesesteaks, the Liberty Bell, Rocky, and even the notorious Broad Street Bullies. As most people know, there is a lack of championships in Philadelphia, but not passion. Despite the reputation of the teams, the fans bring a whole different reputation of their own.

Chickie’s and Pete’s is the perfect sports bar for any Philly fan, or just sports fans in general. With a great atmosphere, several locations, mouth-watering food, and rowdy fans, Chickie’s and Pete’s is an ideal place to go to for any sports fanatic.

One complaint most people have about attending a game in Philadelphia is that there are very few local restaurants and bars to socialize in before and after games. Many fail to realize Chickie’s and Pete’s is in the vicinity of the Philadelphia sports complex. A quick hop and a step across Broad Street and north to Packer Avenue and you are there. This journey is a mere ten minute walk from the sports complex.

This Philadelphia staple is a great location to have dinner with the family before a Phillies game or to hit the bar after an exciting Eagles win on Sunday.

There are five different Chickie’s and Pete’s locations. Two are located within city limits, one in the Northeast and the other in South Philadelphia. The remaining three set up shop just outside of the city, all with the same delicious food, friendly service, and thrilling atmosphere that the main location has.

Upon entering Chickie’s and Pete’s, the customer encounters the waiting room, where they are encouraged to take a seat in one of the old stadium seats from Veteran’s Stadium. Past this room is the main dining room, fully-loaded with a boomerang-shaped bar and plenty of booths and tables. Three to four lovely young ladies greet customers and will take them to their seats or walk them to the bar.

There is not one seat in the house that does not have a decent view of the hundreds of flat screen high definition televisions. On game day, they will have two huge projection screens up at each bar showing the big Philadelphia game.

The fans are always great and it is quite easy to get into the Philadelphia spirit. Opposing fans are always welcomed but warned to tread lightly, especially if you are a Cowboys fan during an Eagles playoff game.

There is plenty of room for everyone, and sometimes a local celebrity such as Brian Westbrook, Jimmy Rollins, Bill Bergey, or Bam Margera stops by. It is always a fun and exciting place to grab a bite or a drink with friends and family.

Chickie’s and Pete’s serves typical Philadelphia food, including, but not limited to, cheesesteaks, wings, and buffalo chicken sandwiches. However, Chickie’s and Pete’s is not famous for any of these types of foods; they are known for their messy, succulent seafood items.

Such foods include the wonderfully addicting crab fries, the six year straight award winning mussels, and the jumbo lump crab cakes. All of these foods are cooked to perfection, delivered quickly, and are served in portion sizes large enough to satisfy all.

Prices do vary, but are not outrageous. Expect to spend close to twenty dollars on a meal, including tip.

If there are drawbacks to dining at Chickie’s and Pete’s, it would be the wait to get in during game days, which should be expected at most good restaurants anyway.

Another plus is that they are available to host parties for weddings, birthdays, and other family festivities. Some awards that they hold are “Number One Sports Bar on the East Coast” from ESPN, “Best of Philly 2008 Place to Watch a Game,” and the “Philadelphia Inquirer People’s Choice 2008 Best Bar/Restaurant Best Seafood/Best Wings.” These are not the only awards Chickie’s and Pete’s have, and you can certainly see why.

Overall, Chickie’s and Pete’s is a fantastic restaurant for families and friends to have a good time. With delicious food, pristine service, and a spectacular environment, it is no wonder it is one of Philadelphia’s hot spots.

It has five locations that make it easy to get to, and they are even starting to put small booths into the different stadiums. If interested, you can check them out at Chickie’s and Pete’s is one of my favorite restaurants and is definitely a place to check out when in the Philadelphia area.