The Black Balloon screening shows a struggle with Autism

February 28, 2010

Understanding the difficulties of a situation as complex as having a sibling or child with a disability is somewhat troublesome. Greater still is the grueling task of conveying such complexities through an artistic medium.

In her 2008 film “The Black Balloon,” director Elissa Down takes on the challenge. Through subtleties in cinematography, dialogue, and acting, she skillfully manages to take what can be a cluttered mess of a situation and translates it into an emotional experience one can relate to. . . .

Oedipus the King comes to life in Rafters Theater: With a cast full of talented actors

February 28, 2010

When you step into Rafters Theater on the top floor of Dutcher Hall, you may as well have entered a Greek amphitheater. The dim lighting, ominous music, and foreboding scenery set the mood perfectly for the equally haunting performance that will soon unfold upon the stage. Sophocles’ tragic tale of the doomed ruler is a tragedy of the classical variety that, to this day, continues to captivate audiences around the world. . . .

Music Master Class presents Diane Walsh expert of piano

February 28, 2010

When first approached about attending a master class, my initial thought was of something in regard to an advanced class with many students in attendance. My initial thought was slightly off, I came to find out that a real master class was given to students by an expert, of a particular discipline. . . .

Thinkfast awards $1000 to winner

February 28, 2010

Laughter and loud music greeted the ears at the “Thinkfast Trivia Show” this past Friday.

The trivia show was cosponsored by the UAB and ‘Ville After Dark, and was held at the Student Memorial Center in the multi-purpose room at 9 p.m. The grand prize was a $1,000, and although there were no runner-up prizes, there was a separate raffle at the event. . . .

A fresh look at decaying humor

February 28, 2010

Unique in concept and execution, “Zombieland” is an original parody of zombie horror movies that is entertaining, and quite frankly, hilarious.

The main character, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is a nerdy, phobic young man who suffers from anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. As terrified as he is of zombies, there is one thing he is even more afraid of: Clowns. . . .

"Warming" Hoax?

February 28, 2010

Recent developments have given a new twist to the global warming debate. Last November, several emails from prominent climatologists at East Anglia University in Great Britain were hacked and released to the public, showing that these climate change proponents had fudged climate data and covered up findings that went against their beliefs.
. . .

Do away with trays

February 28, 2010

For those students who frequent Gordinier cafeteria, you have surely noticed the lack of trays in the lunch room for the past two weeks. While some may find this to be inconvenient, it has actually helped to reduce waste in the dining hall. In a dinnertime discussion I had with Associate Director Gerry Shehan (the guy who answers your suggestion box questions), the two of us talked about the effects of Gordinier’s tray removal. Initially, the reason for getting rid of the trays was
because students were stealing them to go sledding after one of our major snow falls (a brilliant idea by the students). In all honesty, paying five dollars for a saucer sled seems like a much better way to go sledding. But hey, that is just me.
. . .

The American people need to vote

February 26, 2010

America is presently trapped in a time when the will of the people has taken a back seat to the misguided ambitions of the few. Washington seems to have lost track of what the people truly want, but Americans must remember this is fixable. . . .

Letter to the Editor

February 26, 2010

MU Segragation

Alex Davies

As a freshman, you have no idea what goes on at Millersville. I bet when you are a senior, your opinion about segregation and race-relations here will change drastically. Stop living in our parent’s generation and embrace ours. . . .

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