Equality Across Gender Lines: Has Feminism Gone Too Far?

Feminism is a crazy movement characterized by the fight for equality regardless of gender. Although equality for all people is a founding notion in this country, it seems as though people are taking it too far on all sides of the argument.

Today, the feminist movement entails many aspects including: Legal rights, reproductive rights, equality in the workplace relating to maternity leave and equal pay, and protection from violent acts committed by men toward women and girls. It is wonderful in theory, but has the movement taken an extreme turn that makes it laughable?

Honestly, sometimes feminists come across similarly to Pro-Life extremists who bomb abortion clinics. It is necessary at times to get across your agenda in big, bold ways, but often it may seem as though they are trying to force people to believe women are better than men, instead of being equals.

Sometimes, the big and bold statements are perceived as catty and crazy. Women have protested their femininity by burning bras. Although the symbolism of the act is clear, I have to wonder, what did their bra ever do to them other than support them in all they do?

There are also men who have a chauvinistic mentality, and are equally as extreme as some feminists. We consider it abusive when a man thinks he owns a woman, or believes that he can control her life. We look down on men who think they have an inherented right to superiority in all aspects of life. We also consider men who are strong, successful leaders to be high and mighty, but when a woman tries to attain the same status, she’s a bitch.
Men who show any sort of softer emotion are frequently called “gay.” Why is it that men cannot express feminine qualities the same way that women cannot express masculine qualities?

I have also wondered from where the feminist movement is rooted. Is it possible that the root of all evil in this situation is, in fact, men? I wonder how many feminists were physically or emotionally hurt by men in such a significant way that the feminist movement became their coping mechanism or their way of covering up their pain. I wonder how many feminists saw abuse toward their mothers at the hands of their fathers. I wonder if feminism is a movement that is deeply rooted in pain. There are many ways to interpret this movement.

On one hand, it is unfair to think that all women belong in a kitchen, where they cook dinner for their beloved husbands, and care for their blessed children. However, it is also unfair to say that a woman is brainwashed when she wants to be a housewife. No matter how you spin it, it is truly a matter of personal choice, and what works best for your lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with the “June Cleaver” lifestyle the same way there is nothing wrong with wanting to be a prominent member of the business community as a woman.

Feminism is needed for the progress of equality. Today, women are paid almost a quarter less on the dollar compared to men. There are so many extremists on both sides of this issue, that it is really inhibiting the progress of humanity. Neither sex is better than the other, and lifestyle is a matter of choice. It should not matter if a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad. We shouldn’t have to live in a world where one sex is abusive toward the other, and, yes, women abuse men too.

Instead of fighting about who is better or who should have the control in relationships, why can’t we just love each other for who we are and all the great, diverse qualities and abilities everyone has? We should converge both movements, and make one big movement for the love and equality of everyone, regardless of gender.