Graduate Student Affairs: Join them in "Go for the Red Week"

As a premier effort to inform the University community about GSA, I thought it might be best to have the Graduated Student Association provide a column in the Snapper.

But before I tell you all about us, I want to thank Dr. Victor DeSantis, Dean of the College of Graduate and Professional Studies at Millersville.

They also played hosts to the Graduate Research Symposium held at the Dixon Center in Harrisburg, partnering with our sister universities to display research from graduates from all the university communities.

There has been such growth in the GSA and now, we can finally say that we are being recognized on campus as a viable organization that sits on various university committees and has a real voice on campus.

We are establishing ourselves as a member organization within Student Senate we have representatives on Faculty Senate; University Planning Committee; and other shared governance based councils.

We also have become members of the National Graduate Student Association and also the National Black Graduates Association. The network is growing.

We are here, come join us in “Go for the Red Week” (Feb 1-4)-celebrating “A Heart Healthy Month” at MU.

Visit our Heart Table on February 27 at the basketball game; celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with surprises to all that stop by our table in the SMC lobby; and continue to watch for announcements on meetings, events and activities. Check us out on Facebook.

Now if you are looking for a graduate school with lots of opportunity to research, grow professionally, refine your leadership skills, on a campus with a lot of personality and benefits, check out The College of Graduate and Professional Studies.