I believe that Millersville is one of the better universities that Pennsylvania has to offer, if not the best on the east coast. No matter how much I seem to jab at the little things that in my mind hurt our university, it is all an effort to make it the best it can be. The University has plenty to be proud of and the latest research has shown Millersville is moving in the right direction.

Our university has recently been branded as one of the “Best Values in Public Colleges 2009-10” by the financial magazine Kiplinger. Millersville joined five other Pennsylvania universities that made the list as well.

This is a privilege that the University should celebrate as a whole. Making the top 100 is a feat in itself with more than 450 schools being researched by the magazine. Millersville took the 98th spot for the in-state ranks and 80th for the out-state ranks. Joining schools such as University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Virginia and many other prestigious schools is a nice pat on the back.

The troubling aspect from these results upon first glance is the graduation rate, which they have listed at 37 percent after four years. Researching this stat further, collegeportraits.com has Millersville listed at 37 percent after four years but 58 percent between four to five years.

The other colleges in Pennsylvania show a routinely higher four-year graduation rate. But our four to five year graduation rate is near the top and Millersville is at the top for graduating students as a whole. When it comes down to it, the graduation of MU students is the most important aspect of the university community.

Through our progress we must realize that we must not make our flaws transparent. We must try to build on this momentum as a university. Kiplinger also pointed out that we have an 81 percent freshman retention rate, which is one of the best in the state as well. All of these facts are nothing but positive, but we can always afford to do better.

Let us set goals as a community instead of an administration to excel through faster graduation while keeping the standard of rigorous course work alive. Let us “Seize the Opportunity” as a community and become the best the state has to offer.