Movie preview: Precious

A black, obese, 16 year-old girl living in Harlem was raped and impregnated twice by her father, and struggles after being suspended from school to deal with the emotional and physical abuse that she must endure daily.

The story takes place in 1987 in a Section 8 tenement in Harlem, New York City.

The movie “Precious” is based on the novel “Push” by Sapphire, a gritty account of life in Harlem. Precious Jones, played by Gabourey Sidibe, suffers constant abuse at the hands of her unemployed mother (Mo’Nique). The family survives on welfare. The only way she survives this life is to turn to her imagination and fantasies.

In the mirror, she see’s a tall, thin blonde girl, which makes her feel loved.

Precious’s first child is named Mongo and has Down syndrome. The second time she becomes pregnant, she is suspended from school and her principal arranges for her to go to an alternative school where she hopes she can change her life.

After giving birth to her second child, things set in motion for Precious, as she struggles to raise her child, deal with her mother, and improve her life for herself.

Mrs. Lichtenstein (Nealla Gordon) her junior high school principal, arranges for Precious to go to an alternative school. Her new teacher, Ms. Rain (Paula Patton) teaches her how to read.

Learning Services
Blood Drive

A social worker, Mrs. Weiss (Mariah Carrey) finds out that Precious was raped by her father after she says he gave her a baby.

Her second child is named Abdl, but is in danger just days after being born when Precious’s mother drops him and hits him.

Precious has to learn to stand up to her mother and protect not only her child, but herself as she searches for a way to create a better life for her and Abdul.

  • Riana

    Yea, this was nice and everything but you really need to watch how you word things. Yes its true but starting off the review with “A black, obese, 16 year old…” is very disrespectful and ignorant. I am pretty sure that there were other words that could have been used to not make it so blunt!! Especially if something like this were to be published and viewed. A lot of people will be offended by this and I am sure you didn’t have any bad intentions but just watch your wording!!

  • marquesha risper

    wwll i feel that precious is a great movie except on the part where her mother throws the baby, on that part it makes me want to cry..

  • Cathi Daniel

    Watch your wording? Did you read the book? Every page was filled with bluntness. It was brutal and and beautiful and full of hope about how a person can endure sustained torture and still have the desire to be better. The girl is obese and she is black. What is offensive about that? Sometimes being blunt is the only way to affect change, make an impression that moves people to action and is clearly understood.