A somber feeling swept through McComsey’s Myers Auditorium on February 4. The presentation started with a very graphic and powerful power point, showing many pictures from the situation in Darfur. There were pictures of starving, malnourished poverty-stricken children, and military pictures of brutally killed people. The PowerPoint created by Gary Jules which he titled “Mad World (Remix)” ended with the phrase “Save Darfur.”

Since 2003, the Janjaweed (government supported militia) has been fighting two rebel groups, the Sudanese Liberation Army and the Justice and Equality Movement that have led to over 400,000 people killed. Also since 2003, homes have been destroyed forcing millions to flee and leaving millions to depend on foreign aid to survive. “After the Holocaust we promised to never allow the wholesome slaughter of an ethnic group,” Jules said. So what are we doing as a nation to help Darfur? Obviously not enough to live up to this promise.

The presentation gave a brief history of the conflict in Darfur. It gave a lot of good insight into being able to understand the situation and how it started in Sudan. Currently, there is a temporary ceasefire in Darfur, but it is unknown if it will actually last. Next, Jules discussed “The Actors” within the Darfur situation, in other words the nations and organizations involved with Darfur.

To conclude the presentation, a question and answer session was then held with professors Dr. Adyanga and Dr. Janzekovic. They answered questions first from the MU College Democrats and then answered questions from the audience members. It was a very heartfelt and informative presentation. It encouraged the audience to get involved, because every little bit can help, we can help make a difference in Darfur.