Dumb does not always have to be stupid

Many of us have done things in our lives which we felt were stupid, idiotic, unreasonable, dumb, and not always the smartest. We will admit it, were all in college. Nearly everyone you meet on campus has a story about a night they will never forget. The fine line between college fun and complete insanity is crossed with an example of the picture above.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, this photo is of a polo shirt draped around the stump located on the small island in the middle of the pond.

Close your eyes for a moment and picture this: A college student walking across ice which is only an inch or less thick, holding a red polo shirt, with the idea of strapping the red polo around a stump for no apparent reason. It is comical, almost Hollywood to imagine this in your mind.

Someone on our campus was actually crazy enough to do something such as this.

There are few things crazier in this world than to walk across a half frozen pond in southeastern Pennsylvania which remember, has ducks and swans still swimming in the water.

Listing only a few, walking through lava, throwing feces at a gorilla, driving your car off a cliff into a river, and juggling flaming batons are activities that closely represent the craziness involved in walking over a hardly frozen pond.

Walking across ice puts people in needless danger which they never need to be in. Remember there is a bridge that crosses the pond which makes it easy and safe for students to cross.

It seems that hardly a week goes by without hearing about some student who has been caught drinking and, as a result, must now change their major. Yet students still risk going out to drink dispite career-altering repercussions. There are more responsible ways to get drunk and relieve stress than attending a rowdy party that is likely to attract the attention of police. Why do we continue to make these unnecessary risks?

As some students and most faculty remember, this is not the first stupid idea that has occurred at the pond. Several years ago, a drunk student walked past the pond and decided to cut the head off of our own swan. Not only was this student idiotic, disturbed, and not performing his smartest task, he was rumored to have been caught with the swan’s head.

Let us turn to the dumb side of college. The times when we have shown great strides during the day in class but became the talk of the group for shear outlandish moments. Starting with The Snapper staff.

During the making of this edition some of the staff set out on a mission. Every college student needs to have that one epic adventure of traveling for pizza. We are not different from any of you in this pursuit.

Every Tuesday night we have Sugar Bowl pizza delivered to the office, this past Tuesday night we witnessed a blizzard falling, but knew we needed our pizza.

Using our creative thinking (thanks to Millersville) we found an old chair with a bottom suitable for a proper sled. Combining the chair’s bottom, roughly ten yards of telephone wire, and a few trash bags we successfully transported the pizzas from the Sugar Bowl back to the SMC. Call this stupid and dumb but our adventure landed us one of the many stories we will never forget at The Snapper.

Each of us at The Snapper are able tell fun stories about our past years in college. Students in college are all the same in this manner. Stories and education seems to be the two things we get from college (maybe a few pounds for some of us) but no matter what it is a great time.

Students must remember that there are plenty of times where stupidity can get the best of us especially when peer pressure is involved.

There is no reason to be the guy at the party passed out next to a couch, or to be the girl who has thrown up into her hair. The great moments in college allow us to look back and realize how great those four years actually were. Forget the bad days when you might have bombed a test, or your sweetheart decided that another guy was the right flavor for the week.

Look back and relish the spontaneous moments. The pizza sled, the snow ball fights, the midnight trips to House of Pizza, and even trying to figure out which is the best route home across campus with your best friend.

College is great, do not waste it with a truly stupid act.