See the World With MU Study Abroad

Ever wonder what the culture is like in another country, but you know you think you can’t afford to travel that far just for the adventure? Then you should consider studying abroad! The Millersville University Global Education and Partnerships program allows you to travel to another country and receive college credits by completing one or more courses while there. You can travel to countries such as like England, France, Ireland, Germany, Spain, and many more exciting places. The steps to studying abroad are simpler than you might think.

In order to study abroad, you must take a suggested minimum of 12 credits a semester with the international institution of your choice. Studying abroad waives the perspectives requirement. When you return to Millersville your courses will transfer as if you took them at Millersville. More details about credits and courses can be discussed with your advisor. If you’re worried about money, consider your options. If you are registered for more than six credits and you are eligible for financial aid, then you can choose the study abroad program when filing your FAFSA.

It is very expensive to travel, but after tuition costs are covered, you just need to save up extra money for spending while you are there. More information about financial aid and scholarships can be found at the Financial Aid Office. You need to have completed 24 credits, maintained a 2.0 grade average, and completed the advanced approval process through the Office of Global Education and Partnerships.

There are different scholarships available to students and graduate students that plan to study abroad for up to a year. Specific Japan and Germany scholarship programs targeted for students that wish to study abroad and with the possibility of an internship. There are certain MU courses abroad programs that are more organized in ways of finances and specific courses such as Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, Belfast Northern Ireland, and the London Theatre Tour. These programs are short up to two week programs that take place over the summer for as little as $2,000 not including the Millersville tuition cost for a three credit course.

This is a great way to experience the study abroad program in a short period of time. These programs also include Millersville professors who accompany the groups. These programs include airfare, accommodations, some meals, some traveling, etc. Each of these programs offers two or more courses where you are only required to register for one to suit your major or minor requirements. These summer abroad programs arrange different courses for graduate and undergraduate students at different times during the summer.

The summer abroad programs simply require that you attend a meeting or two prior to the trip and conduct a research paper at the end of the trip to explain your experiences and discoveries in the course of your choice. A passport is necessary for your traveling and can take up to three months to apply and receive but lasts up to 10 years so is well worth the money and application process.

If you are a language major this is also a great opportunity because they have specific courses in your language that you can take abroad in order to better understand the culture and language.

The following websites can be helpful in regards to studying abroad: