Short skirts and muscle t's

Let me first off state that this is an opinion column, and thus does not require that I provide factual proof to solidify my argument. The inclusion of facts into every article I compose is optimal for me to solidly argue my point, but I often just offer my thoughts on a subject from my perspective. Now with your anticipation at its peak, I will delve into my current thoughts on various subjects.

I happened to be walking back from my afternoon class one day, and an attractive girl caught my eye as she pranced by. Now, when I say this was an attractive girl my description of her is made purely by the amount of guys who were staring at her, for I have a girlfriend myself. She was wearing a very short skirt and a low cut top, which is probably the cause of so many guys walking into each other, and as I moved on past her I did a double take.

Then I realized that may be the reason people were staring at this girl was not her good looks, but her ridiculous attire in this cold weather (the temperature was hovering a tad below freezing at this point.) Then I got to thinking to myself, “What would possess someone to so scantily dress themselves in this cold weather? Are you that desperate to draw attention to yourselves, or are you just mentally challenged?” I hope the next time you venture outside in below freezing temperatures and so little clothes on you realize how ridiculous you look.

My next thought closely correlates to my previous thought in the paragraph above, but in this case it focuses on men. I have to chuckle to myself when I see these guys, which we will refer to as “Tools,” walking by in the same below freezing temperatures as the previous girl was walking in. These “Tools” are sporting their muscle t-shirts, and trying to pretend that they are not freezing. Here is a news flash: Muscle shirts don’t attract girls, and then if you wear them in below freezing weather, you’re not attracting girls and you look stupid. If you continue thinking that because you are showing your muscles (which many guys wearing muscle t-shirts don’t have) then maybe you could join that group that thinks it is cool for guys to wear earrings.

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