Grad Student updates

Being a grad student at MU does not always mean our personal beacons of light shine as bright as they could. But the Graduate Student Association is the organization to sharpen those flashlights into a common beam to guide our campus activities into meaningful relationships and scholarships.

Recently there was a workshop on scholarship and civic engagement. Civic engagement and scholarship have a wide spectrum of effect for grad students. You know that major research paper you had for a recent class, did you engage in any community research efforts while composing that paper? Did you use any community groups or organizations while writing and referencing your paper? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then your work can be a part of the global efforts here at MU.

Through this idea of civic engagement, one can enlist solicitation of grants and funds for on-going research; publications of your class work; and grad student/faculty collaborations to enhance civic and service learning through community engagement. Finding out that there are avenues for publications other than the traditional journals was enlightening.

This brings to mind a friendly reminder to register to attend, present or display a poster at the Annual Graduate Research Symposium on April 30 at the Dixon Center in Harrisburg. This is an opportunity to shine and share your research and scholarly work with your peers from other PASSHE campuses.

Back on campus, GSA continues to be a partner in shared governance. One of the most recent inclusions of GSA has been representation on the Parking Task Force. Now, please use this shared governance as a vehicle to help GSA communicate your concerns, effectively.

Please send to me any concerns you wish to be considered. But please do not send me your latest beef with the parking division. We can only communicate concerns which can constructively remedy the ills of the parking situation here at MU.

We are also exercising our graduate representation on the Graduate Program Review Committee. News of GCPRC will follow in upcoming issues. We also have a seat on the newly formed Educator of the Year Award Committee as well. So bright days are ahead for graduate student representation at MU.