MU Segragation

Alex Davies

As a freshman, you have no idea what goes on at Millersville. I bet when you are a senior, your opinion about segregation and race-relations here will change drastically. Stop living in our parent’s generation and embrace ours.

The Not-So-Straight Story: Gay in America

Bill Doe

Great essay. Unfortunately, until heterosexuals recognize this as an issue that THEY must confront and that this is a character short-coming on THEIR part, things will remain largely as they are.
Do not forget, we are dealing with a group of people that think it is OK to treat their gay children like this. And if they are capable of this type of criminal behavior toward their very own offspring, where will they stop, really?

Movie Preview: Precious

Cathi Daniel

Watch your wording? Did you read the book? Every page was filled with bluntness. It was brutal and and beautiful and full of hope about how a person can endure sustained torture and still have the desire to be better. The girl is obese and she is black. What is offensive about that? Sometimes being blunt is the only way to affect change, make an impression that moves people to action and is clearly understood.

Dumb does not always have to be stupid

John Ruthledge

Walking on ice can be an adventure no matter where you are located on this planet. But walking across the pond seems idiotic. I will say that the shirt on a stump is rather funny.

Short Skirts and Muscle t’s

Jackie Swann

I don’t think I could have said it any better myself. I laugh at the people who wake up in the morning, take note of the freezing temperature outside and say to themselves, “I think it’s a good idea to wear that short skirt today.” Is there not snow on the ground? Meanwhile, I’m bundled up with a scarf, winter coat, and gloves. They have to be freezing, simple as that. And you’re right, they look plain stupid. I’m sure a lot of people will agree with you!

Super Bowl, Pro Bowl

Richard Doe

All Time Greats win superbowls. Manning, like Marino, is an all time great passer. But he will never be in the same group as Brady, Aikman, Montana, Bradshaw, Starr, Graham, etc. The job of a QB isn’t anything statistical, although great stats help, its to lead your team to victory in a world championship game. QBs who lead they’re teams 3 or more times are considered Dynastic, that is the goal of every QB, to win as many superbowls as possible and bring your city, your team, your fellow players a title…