The American people need to vote

America is presently trapped in a time when the will of the people has taken a back seat to the misguided ambitions of the few. Washington seems to have lost track of what the people truly want, but Americans must remember this is fixable.

We are situated as a group here to converse in ways that others could only wish. This has been the case from the beginning. When Americans debated how the country would be formed that hot summer they embarked on a journey that no other group of individuals have ever conquered. Creating a country surrounded by opportunity is ambitious, daring, and downright crazy when these thoughts were first introduced. Is not crazy the idea America bound itself to?

The power created that summer has always rested in the hands of the people. We have the single greatest check on our government, the vote. We have the capability to tell our government what to do, not the other way around. The only branch that is isolated from this check to a degree is the Judiciary. For the most part the legislators and executive must cater to us. The use of the vote in our democratic system is worth more blood, sweat and tears than any other country can imagine. But we must realize as a nation first the strength that it holds.

Governmental systems in China, Russia, and Iran make attempts at limiting the power of the vote. Americans must realize that our freedoms spoil us in ways we tend to forget about during our everyday. Being spoiled does not suffice to action though. The action of a people when they speak with one single voice is a freedom unique to our system.

This conversation needs to be bent on the realistic understanding that government is out of control. Not just Washington but the entire federal system in place has a duty to uphold the Constitution.

Here is the crazy thing: We can bring it back under control. The idea of a vote to equalize the voices in the halls of Congress is the most dangerous aspect of any politician’s career. Remember, elected officials can always lose the next race. Let responsibility and truth overcome party lines.

The greatest defender of our freedoms is the voice in which we possess collectively. The only answer to a bad idea is to counter it with better ideas. In order for this to happen, Americans need to understand the power of the vote. When we finally educate ourselves to the point of truly owning Washington, which is possible, then this will be our country for good.