A fresh look at decaying humor

Unique in concept and execution, “Zombieland” is an original parody of zombie horror movies that is entertaining, and quite frankly, hilarious.

The main character, Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) is a nerdy, phobic young man who suffers from anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome. As terrified as he is of zombies, there is one thing he is even more afraid of: Clowns.

Columbus has a set of rules to survive in the United States of “Zombieland,” as he dubbed it. The first rule is cardio. Having good cardio allows a human survivor to outrun zombies in an attack. The second rule is the double tap, so named because a survivor can never trust a zombie to stay down after one shot to the head, and so a second is necessary to ensure it is in fact dead. All in all, Columbus has different rules, and continues to add them after he runs into Tallahassee.

Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), is the boot-and-cowboy-hat wearing tough guy who makes killing zombies an art. He has a sick sense of humor when it comes to zombies, and obviously enjoys killing them.

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These two travel together hoping to go east, where they hope will be free of zombies. Along the way, Tallahassee stops at a grocery store, hoping to find the one thing he has been searching for since the zombie apocalypse, a Twinkie. They go in and risk their lives killing various fat zombies, and run into the very beautiful Wichita (Emma Stone).

They follow her into the back where she shows them her younger sister Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) who has a zombie bite on her arm. They take turns figuring out who will have to kill her before she becomes a zombie, and as soon as Tallahassee gives Wichita his gun, the two girls rob them and take off with their car.

This movie is full of subtle but hilarious comedy. “Zombieland” is full of gritty, disgusting, tendon stretching, vomiting, and blood gushing gore that is expected and well loved of all good zombie movies. Normally this would make me cringe, but the outrageous amount of close up gore only added to the comedy.

The performances by the male cast were spot on. Eisenberg was a great pick to play the awkward college kid, and Harrelson was the perfect actor to play the outrageous mass zombie killing cowboy.

The female characters were not as well written. The audience is only presented with Wichita is that she has trust issues and was a con-artist before the zombie apocalypse.

Overall the movie was a great example of the zombie horror movie genre, with subtle jokes that do not cheapen the movie, but become its strength. The movie is packed with action and dramatic insight into the characters goals in life after people. “Zombieland” has a solid script, great acting, and delivers a great movie that is truly entertaining.